5 1
Riddle School
5 2
Riddle School 2
5 3
Riddle School 3
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Riddle School 4/5
Gender Male
Relatives Father: 808
Favorite Thing Designing shirts
Least Favorite Thing Being unjustly sued
Appearances All but RT1 and RT2 (But mention in RT2)

5 is a character in all 5 Riddle School games. He is a student as Jon counted him as a student in Riddle school developer commentary. He ran for school president in the first game (where he appears only on a poster in the hallway.)

In Riddle Schools 2 and 3, he is seen asleep in the office, and the fourth depicts him as one of Mr. Munch's students while revealing that he is in the T-shirt business.

5's "Vote 5" shirt is based on the Vote for Pedro shirt in Napoleon Dynamite as well as the five-point voting system on Newgrounds.

Trivia Edit

  • Riddle School 4 and Riddle School 5 are the only games where you see 5 awake and in person.
  • It's unknown why 5 is asleep in the office.(maybe he sleeps 5 times a day)
  • JonBro, upon editing this wiki page, said, "That's very interesting. I actually never noticed before that 5 appears in every game except for #5. Nice observation, [whoever first made this page]!" but what JonBro forgot is that 5 is in all the games for he appears in Phred's dream of Riddle School 4.
    • Then, upon reading this page again and realizing that 5 really does appear in all the games, JonBro facepalmed himself with one hand and gave a thumbs-up to whoever last edited this page.
  • 5's '5 for prez' poster is removed in RT2.