Goat-Man as seen in Riddle Transfer

Goat-Man is a creature found in Zone 5.1 in Riddle Transfer. He is based on the Newgrounds Author Goat-Man. He is shown to hate puns (when Phil asks,"Do you have a bro named Billy?" and "So you were... "kid"napped?!").

Goat-Man plays an important role in rescuing Zack. Through the Chloro-Fill drink dispenser in the Zone 5.1 lounge, Phil can connect a hose found within the facility and place it in the waste bucket (linked to the room Goat-Man resides in). The Chloro-Fill will proceed to create healthy grass for Goat-Man to eat. During this process, the grass begins to grow daisies. Phil can pick a daisy near the ladder, although Goat-Man will respond aggressively about stepping on the grass if Phil tries to get any more daisies.