Greg Sleep
Greg 1
Riddle School
Greg 3
Riddle School 3
Greg 4
Riddle School 4/5
Gender Male
Relatives Mrs. Sleep
Favorite Thing Sleep
Least Favorite Thing Being awake
Appearances Riddle School 1,3,4 and 5(in Phred's Dream)

Greg is one of the students in the Riddle School Series. He is the only student who sleeps throughout the series. He doesn't contribute to the plot, the schools, or himself.

Trivia Edit

  • It is confirmed in Riddle School 4 that he is Mrs. Sleep's son (you could figure that out before RS4 because both of their last names are "Sleep").
  • For some certain reason, Greg shifts quite often while sleeping in the first Riddle School.
  • Riddle School 4 and Riddle School 5 are the only games that you can see his face.
  • As revealed in the developer commentary in the early planning stages of RT2, Greg was supposed to be a secret villain, but this idea was dropped quickly.
  • Riddle School 4 and Riddle School 5(Phred's dream) are the only games where Greg is not in the cafeteria.