Janitor (Riddle School 2)
Riddle School 2
Gender Male
Favorite Thing Criticizing
Least Favorite Thing Cheesy Pencils
Appearances RS2

The janitor in Riddle School 2, despite not having a name, seems to be very focused on his cleaning job, especially the cleaning equipment. However, for some reason he seems to hate cheesy pencils.

Riddle School 2 Edit

The janitor, like the previous janitor from the first game, is very keen on the making sure students don't intrude the janitor closet, as he usually sends them out. However, during Phil's escape of school in this game, the janitor was given a mop that was found by Phil, who located it in the men's restroom. Joyful to get his mop back, he gave Phil a dime ($0.10) and requested him to not purchase the school's cheesy pencils.

Riddle School 4Edit

Note: The following paragraph was taken from Riddle School 4.

"The janitor was locked in his own closet in Riddle Middle School one day not long before the school closed down and was replaced with a new one. He ate his mop, drank his dirty mop water, and nibbled on his hat as he was stuck in the darkness of the closet. The last sound he ever heard was the sound of a wrecking ball smashing the walls." -Quote from RS4 "What Happened to All the characters"