Janitor (RS3)
Janitor (Riddle School 3)
Gender Male
Favorite Thing unclogging toilets
Least Favorite Thing whatever clogs them
Appearances Riddle School 3

Walkthrough Edit

Go to the men's room on the first floor. Open the stall and take the toilet paper. Use the toilet paper to clog the toilet and then flush. The janitor will come rushing in to fix the toilet, which means he's no longer in the janitor's closet. Go upstairs to the janitor's closet and take the quarter from the floor.


He claimed he could hear a pipe problem from a mile away, and that was in fact true. His uncanny ability to hear toilet clogs earned him a television show reputation as The Perfect-Eared Plumber. The show was cancelled after two years because it was realized nobody had ears. Furious, the janitor leap off a bridge.