Riddle School 2
Gender Male
Appearances riddle school 2

Joe appears in the Men's Room in Riddle School 2. He is important to getting out Riddle Middle School. Get the slide oil and the thirty cents in one of the desks in Miss Sleep's room. Then go to the screen that has the back door. Then click on the slide oil and click on the toilet paper. Go to the men's room and click on the toilet paper. After a cut scene , click on the mop and go to the janitor's closet. Click on the mop and you will receive a dime. Joe will be in Miss Sleep's room after giving him the toilet paper. Joe is a made up student that only appears in Phil's dream.

Joe never made it to college because of having horrible grades. He died in a rather stupid way (drinking gasoline). Joe also shows stupidity when he does not check to make sure that there is toilet paper in his stall. Also, he seems to be rather ungrateful, as shown when Phil gives him toilet paper and he doesn't even say thanks, though this could be because he is too stupid to understand.