Money is the main currency in the Riddle School series. Money starts simple as only a dollar in Riddle School 1, other games have coins collected.

Riddle SchoolEdit

The money in this game is only a dollar given by 808. It is used to move Chubb.

Riddle School 2Edit

The money in this game adds to dollar and 75 cents. At the bandroom, 4 quarters are available and is used to buy a whistle from Phred. Outside, 75 cents are required. A quarter and a nickel are in Mrs. Sleep's class, a dime in the unlocked locker right next to the women's banthroom, another dime from the janitor for his mop and a quarter under Mr. Sum's sheet of papers. The coins are used to buy Chubb a cookie.

Riddle School 3Edit

The money in this game adds to a dollar and is used to buy Chubb chocolate pudding. 5 cents are in the hallway, a dime in the Supply Closet, a quarter under the chair in the janitor's closet, a nickel in Phil's locker, a nickel in a drawer in the Teacher's lounge, a quarter for letting Richy out of his locker and another quarter for giving Richy a button.

Riddle School 5Edit

In this game, Phil finds an alien coin under his bed. The coin is not actually used as currency, but it is used to open the screws in his room's vent and to unscrew the faucet in the Vizion ship. They also can be found in Zack's Dream (same way in Riddle School 2, but just for using the coin for a whistle and kill Zack)

Riddle Transfer 2Edit

The money in this game is a dollar, which Richy will give his glue for the dollar. It is given by Chubb when asked to scooch over just a little bit.