Mr. Kahm
Mr. Kahm 1
Riddle School
Gender Male
Favorite Thing Math
Least Favorite Thing Being forgetful
Appearances Riddle School

Mr. Kahm is the teacher for special students who find school too hard. He isn't the smartest teachers, in fact, he's one of the dumbest.

After Ms. Cophey told him how small percentage of water was drinkable, he decided never to drink anything again.

Mr. Kahm was probably going to appear in RT2, but didn't. The only character ever seen in Mr. Kahm's room in that game, besides Phil, is Richy.

He is also responsible for the Special Class For The Insane.

Riddle School Edit

Mr. Kahm was the first non-playable character ever encountered in the Riddle School series, and is also the first teacher that all players of Riddle School encounter.

In this first entry of the series, he is notably known for spinning his stick every once in a while, with "Mathness" and "3 + 0 = 2" written on the board. Despite his favorite thing (revealed in Riddle School 4: Special Features) is mathematics, he seems to have difficulty with addition problems (131 + 42, which equals 173, in case you, the reader, are wondering).

This stupidity also extends to Phil's escape from school. When Phil asks if he can sharpen his pencil, Mr. Kahm believed that there are several students in the classroom, and says, "Only one person at a time!". This results in Phil leaving, possibly leaving Mr. Kahm alone in the classroom while still believing that there are multiple students in the classroom (Interesting enough, there's only two seats, so there couldn't be a lot of students).