Mr. Munch before executing Phil

Mr. Munch is a character that only appears in Riddle School 4 and 5 (in Phred's dream). He is an antagonist and his backstory in the same game is that he wanted revenge on Phil Eggtree, after his wife divorced him for being "a terrible husband" after suggesting that she should give all of her son's food to him, so that their son wouldn't become too obese.He then swore to kill all of his wife's friends and acquaintances, only remembering Phil Eggtree, who talked to her once. He is the father of Chubb Munch and the former husband of Mrs. Munch.In reality, however, he was never going to kill Phil Eggtree, as Diz altered his mind so he would wake Phil from his dream.

Personality and appearanceEdit

Mr. Munch is, like his son, incredibly obese. He always has a sort of a serious expression, and has terrible grammar and handwriting. He wears a green collar shirt, has completely black eyes and brown hair. Also, when your cursor is on a certain part of his arm, it will say window instead of his name.

Trivia Edit

  • In the developer commentary of Riddle school 4 Jonochrome said that Mr. Munch is okay in real life.