Mr. Read
Mr. Read
Riddle School 3
Gender Male
Favorite Thing Being able to read
Least Favorite Thing Loud people
Appearances Riddle school 3

Mr. Read is a minor character that contributes to the plot of Riddle School 3. Although he likes reading, he has a terrible vision and must be given a pair of glasses in order for him to read and got a book mark in exchange.

Riddle School 3 Edit

During Phil's dream of being in high school, he encountered Mr. Read, who complains that his vision is extremely blurry. To solve this, Phil took the glasses that he knocked off of Mr. Soggy when he escaped his classroom and handed it to Mr. Read.

Riddle School 4 Edit

Despite the fact that he was not present in the game, his fate was described by the game, word by word, here:

"Mr. Read was reading a comic book in the Riddle High School library. He was reading the words " sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" when he got a nasty paper cut and lost every inch of blood in his body."