Ms. Cophey
Ms. Cophey 1
Riddle School
Ms Cophey RT2
Riddle Transfer 2
Gender Female
Favorite Thing Coffee
Least Favorite Thing Being Corrected, not having coffee
Appearances Riddle School
Riddle School 2 (Mentioned)
Riddle Transfer 2

Ms Cophey, like Mr Kahm, was never really a smart person. She was the elementary teacher of Phil, Phred, Smiley and Zack.

Her surname is a homophone from "coffee".

Riddle School Edit

Ms. Cophey's first appearance in the series. When Phil walks into her classroom, she is shown swinging her pointer rapidly around in circles while her eyes are popping out of her head. The blackboard next to her says, "Earth is flat." When clicked on, Phil will say that she drinks more coffee than anyone else he knows, and that she finishes teaching lessons two hours early in a hard-to-understand jittery voice. She is shown to be teaching Phred, Smiley, and Zack, and was also the teacher of Phil before he was moved to a special class.

Riddle School 2 Edit

In the Teacher's Lounge, a coffee machine is present. Clicking on it will result in Phil being reminded of Ms. Cophey.

Riddle Transfer 2 Edit

Ms. Cophey appeared in Riddle Transfer 2. She was confused about why her class disappeared for multiple days and requested a reason. After Phil, Zack, and Smiley's explanations, she deduces it as an excuse and forgets about it immediately. She then changed her schedule and cancelled an upcoming quiz so that the students may make up their missing work. However, Quiz came in with two of his henchmen and declared that a quiz shall be made (due to his name). After Quiz's introduction, Ms. Cophey stood in front of the classroom, preparing to teach the class despite the amount of turrets and scanners added to the classroom. However, she did not stop Phil when he created a decoy of himself to free his school from Quiz and his henchmen, Nit Wit.

During Phil's mission, he used Zack's fiery head, a bucket full of water, and coffee grounds found in the cafeteria and created a bucket of hot coffee. After Phil gave Ms. Cophey the coffee (She did not complain), Ms. Cophey began rapidly spinning her pointer, even faster than before. Phil then proceeded to use the rapidly spinning pointer to open up an eye drop jar to place hand soap inside to trick one of Quiz's henchmen.

After Phil confronted Quiz, Quiz made a change in his mind to leave planet Earth in its inhabitants' hands. Ms. Cophey is most likely still inside the classroom, rapidly spinning the pointer due to the fact that she did not come out of the school after Quiz took down the turrets in Riddle Elementary School.

Trivia Edit

  • In Riddle School, her hand is Mr. Kahm's hand's texture. This would explain why the hand is not the same color as the rest of her body.
  • She is able to spin the pointer so fast it can cut open what seems to be stone.