Oswald is an alien that appears in Riddle School 5, as well as being mentioned in Riddle Transfer 2. It acts as a guard to the dream chair and eats live meat with an odor, implying that it is carnivorous. Nit Wit feeds the alien as mentioned by Quiz.

How to beat OswaldEdit

To get past Oswald you must first go to the room with the plants and take the tray, put soil in it, and take the flower in the plant pot. Now, at the beginning you have to unscrew the vent and go through. You should collect the screws. Later on, under someone else's bed you will find a fourth screw. Collect it. Go into Smiley's room and and on the left you will find a hidden door. Go through and Phil will collect some steak. Then go to the life-transferring station. Click on the power panel and put the four screws in. Put the steak in the tray. Put the plant on the left and the steak on the right. Press the green arrow and the steak will come alive. Take the living steak. Go into Phred's room and there is a card key on their floor. Take it and open Phil's door. Now, beat the red-and-blue tile device near Phil's door. This can be a bit of a challenge if you are not good at these sorts of things. When you beat it click on the statue and you will turn invisible. Click again to get out of it. Now, go into Phil's room and put the steak in the vent. Come out and use the statue. When Oswald goes in lock him in by using the card key on the card key scanner. Now you can pass through where Oswald was guarding.then it will take you to this room that says moo and smiley will wake up (and then ask for your dick)

Oswald 2.0

The room where Phil encounters Oswald