Quiz in RT2

Quiz is the main antagonist in Riddle Transfer 2, making a brief appearance in Riddle School 5 in the first cutscene. In RT2, Quiz takes over Riddle Elementary School, becoming the Headmaster. He puts guns and scanners everywhere, to make sure no one escapes. Phil, being the logical thinker that he is, manages to get into Quiz's office and convinces Quiz that Vizion was a big mistake. Quiz calls off all of the guns and scanners and everything returns to normal until they, Phil, Smiley, Phred, Zack, and Quiz, see a ball of light high in the sky, coming from space. Realising that Diz is up there, Phil convinces Quiz to take him up there in his ship to try and stop Diz. After completing all of the puzzles in the ship, a Self Destruct button reveals itself. Realising his fate, Quiz pushes it and tells Phil to take the escape pod, sacrificing himself to save Earth.

Glossary Edit

Vizion - A plan started by Viz, a psychotic alien leader, who thought that he would decide the fate of all the planets in the universe, which just so happened to start with Earth.