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Riddle School 2

Release Date:

November 13, 2006


Point and Click, Puzzle Solving




Final Fight
Dark Caverns


Phil Eggtree
Smiley Sundae
Phred Whistler
Zack Kelvin
Greg Sleep
Chubb Munch
Mr. O. Boe
Ms. Green
Janitor (Riddle School 2)
Mr. Sum
Mr. Mister

Preceded by:

Riddle School

Succeeded by:

Riddle School 3

Riddle School 2 is a 2006 flash game by Jonochrome (JonBro). As per the first game, the events of Riddle School 2 center around Phil, now in middle school, using various assets from the school in order to accomplish several tasks, which all culminate in his plan to escape the school once again.

The game serves as a sequel to the original Riddle School game, with several characters from the original game making an appearance, as well as new ones being introduced. Another sequel, Riddle School 3, was released in 2008.


Now a student in Middle School, Phil Eggtree finds himself bored during a class in the band room. Being taught by Mr. O. Boe, who claims that he "knows nothing of music, but much of english," Phil decides to escape the school once more. Giving a dollar to his friend, Phred Whistler, Phil uses a whistle to render everyone in the room - aside from himself - unconscious. After that happens, he searches the school for money. Once he has 75 cents Phil fixes the cookie machine and buys a cookie. He gives the cookie to Chubb who rolls over to get it. Then Phil enters the counsellor's office and steals the key easily due to his dumbness. The key unlocks the school door, allowing Phil to leave.

Spoilers Ahead!
The events of this game, as well as Riddle School 3 and 4, are revealed to be dreams within the mind of Phil, as explained by Diz in Riddle School 5.


Spoiler warning!
The below collapsible box has spoilers about Riddle School 2. Do not read it if you want to have a blind game.
This is the walkthrough for Riddle School 2.
  1. Get the four quarters in the room. (Hint: One is on the drums).
  2. Give the quarters to Phred. He will give you a whistle.
  3. Use the whistle. Now you can leave the room.
  4. Go into Mrs. Sleep's room. Click on the open desk.
  5. Open the locker next to the girl's bathroom and take the money in it.
  6. Use the slide oil on the vent.
  7. Take the toilet paper.
  8. Click on the toilet paper while in the boy's bathroom.
  9. Take the mop.
  10. Return the mop to the janitor.
  11. Enter and exit the teacher's lounge.
  12. Enter and exit another room.
  13. Go into Mr. Sum's room.
  14. Click on the papers on the desk.
  15. Take the money.
  16. Click behind the cookie machine.
  17. Plug in the cookie machine.
  18. Put the money in the cookie machine.
  19. Give Chubb the cookie.
  20. Enter the office, then Mr. Mister's room.
  21. Leave out the left exit!