Riddle School 3 is a 2008 flash game by JonBro on Newgrounds/, and also the third episode in the Riddle School Trilogy.


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Again, See RS1.


JonBro's Walkthrough

Phil is again, planning to escape Riddle HS.

He uses gum and a rubber band to knock the teacher blind then he proceeds down to the hallway to get the keys, but again...Chubb is blocking and wants pudding instead of cookies.

Phil checks many locations for money and even another conversation at the Teacher's Lounge.

[NOTE: You may find the dialog options very funny.]

Later, he places a vat of pudding in front of Chubb, then he rolls down like a ball, eventually rolling down the stairs, and into the Auditorium along with Phil.

He then gets the School Key easily due to Principal Potato's laziness in work. Then, Phil walks to the exit.

--{THE END}--


Phil drives away in his car. After the credits roll, the time is listed.

(A flying pig is seen before your time is shown. This pig will appear again in other RS Games)



  • This will occur if you beat the game two times. On a rather creepy and dark tone, words will say that you have been possessed by the monkey doll.
    • The monkey doll's eyes will turn red. Disgusting.

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At the end of the leftmost hallway, there is a poster mentioning Diz, one of the three aliens in RS5.