1. Look under the bed. There is a coin.
  2. Exit the bed and click on the vent. Use the coin on the screws and pick up the screws.
  3. Click on the vent to release it and go in.
  4. Go to Smiley's room, which is Subject #1831.
  5. Click the far right wall. You will go through a secret door and get meat.
  6. In the room to the left of Smiley's, get the tray and use the tray on the dirt. Get the flower pot.
  7. Combine the tray with the meat.
  8. Go left to Phred's room. Take the access card.
  9. Go to Zack's room on the far right side of the right side.
  10. Under his bed, there is a screw.
  11. Exit Zack's room and go to the left, insert all of the screws to the panel. Put the flower on the left side, and the meat on the right. Press the button.
  12. Go to the room with the statue. Solve the tile puzzle and click on the statue. A good solution to two numbers is to click a corner square, then an edge square in certain areas. Another edge square will solve a number.[we are not telling how to get the numbers. Solve them yourself]
  13. Open the door to your room by using the card and go in it. Put the live meat on the vent. Remember, you can't place the live meat the vent until you click on the statue.
  14. Click on the statue in the other room and then use the card to close the door. Go to the right.
  15. After a short cutscene, you will see a chair with a dial pad. Entering the subject numbers on the dialpad will bring you to a certain dream: After that reload the game and type it again.