Riddle Transfer is the second latest and second last Riddle School game and JonBro's second-to-last flash game so far.


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The below collapsible box has spoilers about Riddle Transfer. Do not read it if you want to have a blind game.

The so-called "stalwart leader" (as seen when introducing the characters in the intro) is seen in Viz's stolen ship landing on earth. They are then taken into custody in a secret facility known as Zone 5.1. Phil Eggtree, the protagonist of the RS series, finds himself trapped in a holding cell. He escapes, finding out his friends are trapped too. He then uses help from the awkward animals, such as Bigtoe, Goat Man, the Mock Mess Monster ("Messie"), the Negotiable Snowman ("Yeddy"), and the Flying Pig. He frees Phred, still bored as ever, Zack, whose head caught fire in RS5, and the new Smiley with hair. Upon finding a way to keep open the guard door on the lowest floor of the facility, Phil enters the door and finds Diz's mind being read. Phil returns Diz's consciousness and frees them upon completing a sequence of interesting puzzles. They have a quick reunion, then an alarm sounds as the whole team is about to escape with the Vizion ship. Diz abandons the others, leaving them in Zone 5.1, forcing the children to escape by climbing into the sewers through a manhole. As they go down, the game ends, unlocking special features. }}



Review:10/10 for all games. The first few games are puzzles, and while they all have that, there is more action in 5 onward and Transfer 2 has story and heart touching moments. All in all, the riddle games are funny, action pact, and heartfelt. 10/10