Zone 5.1

Zone 5.1

Zone 5.1 is a compound in the middle of a desert located on Earth. It bears a name that is quite similar to a certain place found in the real world United States.

It also contains specimens, ranging from mad herbivores to torches to bald children, it's almost like a zoo, almost.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Zone 5.1 appears to be a tower with a wide yard. It has 3 floors that are above ground and 2 basement levels. Each floor usually takes the format of consisting a lobby for elevator access and three rooms. These rooms usually consist of an animal containment room, a room for human captives, and a room for the employees/workers of Zone 5.1. At the 2nd basement floor, there is one room that contains a data-gathering machine, which is guarded by a robotic door, which is armed with sharpened "teeth" and, strangely, is not hooked up to an alarm system.

Plot Edit

Zone 5.1 is the location where Riddle Transfer takes place.

Before RT1, it contains Messie, Yeddy, Bigtoe, a Flying Pig, and Goat-Man. It wasn't until the compound used its tractor beam and captured Diz, Phil, Phred, Zack and Smiley. Even so, the majority of its captives manage to escape after the events of Riddle Transfer.